Instituto de Formación para Educadores de Jóvenes, Adolescentes y Niños Trabajadores de América Latina y el Caribe


Training with Collaborators with JANNs, particularly Workers/ras, on Co-Protagonism in the popular world.

I.-Fundamental Topics:

1. Analysis of the intergenerational reality from JANNs.
2. Another humanism that we are inventing. Paradigm of humanity. A surplus of humanity.
3. The epistemology of the south, a re-emerging alternative from JANTs.
4. Ethics that underlies the role of humanity in caring for the whole. Common good of humanity.
5. The Good Living here and now, a utopia or sense of historical life.

II.- Basic Topics:

6. Old and New Paradigms about JANNs from Sociology.
7. Old and New Paradigms about JANNs from psychology.
8. Old and New Paradigms on JANNs from pedagogy. The pedagogy of tenderness as Pedagogy of Protagonism.

III.- Advanced Topics:

9. Community co-protagonism, another collaborative adulthood. The practice of social organization of a political, territorial and community nature.
10. The world of work, a practice that configures a culture, a social class and a movement that aspires to be dignified and to live in dignity.
11. The JANNTs family a place to reinvent the community and society.
12. GLocal model of solidarity society other, in situ.

Based on the Ifejant Pedagogical Proposal, it is intended to contribute to the training and training of collaborators who accompany organization and training processes of Youth, Adolescents, Boys and Girls, in order to raise their levels of academic and practical knowledge for the best development of his pedagogical work.

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