Instituto de Formación para Educadores de Jóvenes, Adolescentes y Niños Trabajadores de América Latina y el Caribe

About us?

The Training Institute for Educators of Young People, Adolescents and Working Children of Latin America and the Caribbean – “Mons. German Schmitz” – was born in March 1989, as an agreement in Lima, of five workers’ movements and later by mandate included in the III Meeting of Working Children and Adolescents (NATs) of Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Guatemala, in response to the need to ensure that Collaborators of Working Youth, Adolescents and Children (JANTs) in the Region receive comprehensive and systematic training .

We are committed to the Training of Social Collaborators who accompany the access to rights on the part of children, adolescents and young people, ensuring that they are recognized as citizens in full exercise of their leading participation.

The preferential option for those who work, be it a right or a cultural practice, is conceived as a condition of human dignity at any age, since it allows for the identity and social sense of the working citizen and IFEJANT.

Our institutional inspiration: What we look for.

It is committed to a culture of adulthood, which assumes a role of Social Collaboration in promoting the organized co-prominence of children, adolescents and youth for decent work as a practice of Living Well.

Our Institutional Practice: What we do

IFEJANT contributes to the training and formation of the paradigm of co-protagonism and the pedagogy of tenderness for Social Educators who accompany and collaborate with JANNTs groups of Popular Sectors and Workers Who Organize for Their Social and Political Action.

Our Methodological Strategy

The starting point for the training of collaborators is their subjective, conceptual, daily and attitudinal experience in front of the subjects with whom they share their educational task. Training as an organized and systematic act is subsequent, in multiple aspects, to the action of accompaniment to children, adolescents and young people.

Our Curricular Conception

The Curriculum, proposed by IFEJANT, is a flexible tool that challenges the conceptions of reality, of the life of the JANNs, of the underlying paradigms of childhood and youth to the practices as collaborators, of their own identity as adults and of the role social that are called to play

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