Instituto de Formación para Educadores de Jóvenes, Adolescentes y Niños Trabajadores de América Latina y el Caribe

| About us?

We train social collaborators who accompany the access to rights on the part of boys, girls, adolescents and young people, ensuring that they are recognized as citizens in full exercise of their leading participation.
The preferential option, for those who work, be it a right or a cultural practice, is conceived as a condition of human dignity at any age, which allows identity and social meaning.

| What do we do?

It is committed to a culture of adulthood, which assumes a role of Social Collaboration in promoting the organized co-prominence of children, adolescents and youth for decent work as a practice of Living Well.
IFEJANT contributes to the training and formation of the paradigm of co-protagonism and the pedagogy of tenderness for Social Educators who accompany and collaborate with groups of NNATs from popular sectors and workers who organize for their social and political role.


The Co-managed Microfinance Program for working children and adolescents – PROMINNATS. It is a comprehensive organization for working children and adolescents; working boys, girls and adolescents in conflict with the Law, called partners, which promotes productive technical education and training and the development of their leading participation.



At Ifejant we promote volunteering as a means to respond to social needs, problems and interests, interacting hand in hand with children and adolescents. KNOW US!


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